QuoteRules is an artificial intelligence chatbot that creates personalized quotations and proposals based on one-on-one discussions with prospects. By interviewing your prospects, this tool assists you in creating a chatbot that qualifies leads and creates custom quotations or proposals.

Before integrating your chatbot into your website, mobile app, or landing page, edit question-and-answer templates and style it. You can price specific activities, specify an hourly rate, and compute overall project costs using the cost estimating tool. Additionally, you may simply access both your live and test projects from the main dashboard.

QuoteRules Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • While your chatbot is busy, you may obtain a CSV file with a list of all your leads, quote requests, and pricing estimates.
  • Access transcripts of previous discussions with leads so you have all the data you need to determine the best outreach strategy.
  • Customers can also talk to a live support specialist through the live chat handover feature if they require more assistance.
  • You can even use notes and labels to keep everything organized, which is crucial as your lead list continues to grow.
  • A simple dashboard allows you to view, edit, and share your proposals.
  • Before sending proposals to prospects, personalize them with your company logo and signature.
  • It’s also simple to share this data: simply print your proposals and save them as a CSV or PDF file.
  • Without breaking a sweat, you can incorporate the chatbot into your website, mobile app, or landing page.
  • It can also be connected to programs like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Sheets using Zapier. You may also be alerted by email or Slack.
  • You’ll be able to automatically update databases as new leads come in, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Best of all, data encryption and password prompts to ensure that your lead data is always secure.
  • Create a clever AI chatbot that conducts interviews with leads and generates personalized quotes and proposals.
  • Typeform is an alternative.
  • Use Zapier to connect to workflow tools like Salesforce and Twilio.
  • Consultants, specialists, and sales teams who need to produce qualified leads, estimates, and proposals quickly.
  • Data protection
  • Themes customized
  • Various button designs
  • Encryption of data
  • Several input channels
  • Exports of data
  • Templates for chatbots
  • Personalized templates
  • AI sales representative
  • Integrations

QuoteRules Appsumo Price

QuoteRules Price


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