Qualzz is an easy-to-use tool to work with any CMS like Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Drupal, etc. You need to place JS code on your website and activate it on your popup campaigns to start collecting leads. You can also connect with your favorite CRM tools using webhooks or native integrations and automate all your lead funnels.

You can personalize and stay in touch with all your audience by sending them push notifications directly to their browsers. This tool helps to increase conversion rates through popup and push notifications. You can reach out to your subscribers wherever and whenever you want to, with real-time popups and powerful push notifications to re-engage with them. In the dashboard, you can view which country you are receiving all your payments for better conversions. You can also track what traffic channels you are working on, on which day your audience is converting more, and you can also view the best-converting pages on your website.

Normally this tool would cost 59$per month, but with this lifetime deal, you get it at 59$ for a Lifetime.

Qualzz Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Add the URL and choose from nine different monitoring options in a few clicks!
  • Overview screen to create and manage your campaigns
  • You can also create new popup campaigns and also activate or deactivate them in a single click.
  • Filter your campaign list based on your device type, campaign type, or format
  • Right from here, you can edit, preview, delete and copy your campaigns. Select the statistics icon to view the detailed performance of your campaign and export the collected data in a spreadsheet
  • You can use a canvas grid to design a perfect campaign, add your colors, images, text, and buttons to create a popup to match your visitor personas.
  • You can create multi-page popups and connect them like a funnel—design different formats like lightbox, full screen, floating bar, and inline popups.
  • Create urgency by adding a timer to your popup and increase all your conversions by creating FOMO. Increase all your social likes and views by adding a social element.
  • In this tool, options are limitless.
  • You can add an intriguing teaser to your popups, gradients, add animations, close buttons, or add email verification to filter all your leads
  • You can target specific audiences with advanced display and targeting options.
  • A trigger can be set for when a user lands, leaves, scrolls after pages, clicks, or hovers over an element.
  • To avoid annoying your visitors immediately after landing on your website, use the timing feature to wait for a few seconds before displaying your offer.
  • Target your campaign based on visitor personas, traffic sources such as organic, paid, or referral, reference URL, geolocation, browser, or device
  • Make sure leads are routed correctly and automate your workflow. Integrate Mailchimp, Hubspot, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Email Octopus, Pabbly, or use Zapier and Platform webhooks.
  • Using custom prompt types will help you gain more subscribers for your push notifications. You can choose from native prompts or custom prompts such as the bell icon, slide prompt, and sleek prompt. In addition, the color and text of the opt-in prompt can be customized to match your website and displayed at a convenient time.
  • Create a subscription list, view activity, and make notes about subscribers. Use geolocation, tags, sessions, languages, and operating systems to segment your users.
  • You can personalize push notifications by using emojis and user attributes. To increase conversions, use rich reports such as images and buttons.
  • You can send them immediately, schedule them for the future, or create a recurring campaign. Notifications should be sent according to the user’s time zone.
  • The dashboard shows the growth of subscribers and notifications.

Qualzz DigitalThink Price

Qualzz Price

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