With PubCoder, you can create interactive digital content for native iOS and Android apps as well as ebooks and HTML5. You don’t need any coding or design expertise when using this tool to generate engaging, mobile-friendly digital content from your PC.

Create responsive apps that can be distributed for any screen size, device, or format, including iOS, Android, EPUB, and HTML5. Additionally, you’ll be able to translate your content into any language, which will enable you to disseminate it internationally and rapidly expand your audience around the globe.

PubCoder Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor lets you easily add interactive features, animations, movies, and noises that give your content life.
  • Clicks, swipes, shakes, and other touch movements on mobile or desktop devices will be recognised by your sites.
  • You may also add interactive widgets, such as games, quizzes, and questionnaires, to your material to make it even more immersive.
  • A full-featured code editor can also be used to tweak CSS, run custom JavaScript, or modify HTML headers if you are familiar with coding.
  • It enables you to sync highlighted text with an audio file that reads it aloud.
  • For those who have problems reading text, you will be able to provide greater accessibility and convenience.
  • The best part is that audio synchronization is completely supported on every export format, with integrated media overlays that offer a continuous listening experience.
  • You can export your project in a variety of formats, including interactive EPUB or HTML for the web.
  • You can distribute your content as a native app for iOS and Android to the App Store, Google Play, or third-party programmes like Apple iBooks.
  • The programe automatically verifies your ebooks’ adherence to EPUB standards, making them suitable for distribution throughout all digital book stores
  • Unending projects
  • Many storybooks
  • Perfected typography
  • Visual powerhouse
  • Interactive device
  • Incorporating Google Fonts
  • Integration of the image and icon archive
  • Widget panel for interaction
  • drawing panel
  • multilingual assistance
  • Wizard of Read-Aloud
  • Support for multimedia
  • Importer for Adobe InDesign
  • Different iterations
  • Export in several formats
  • Integration of EPUB er
  • Support for HTML coding
  • The mobile app’s preview
  • Easy license exchange

Pubcoder Appsumo Price

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