Postpace lets you automate your hours of topic research in two minutes and also helps you to write content faster and better. It is a content writing research platform to write better content and improve productivity with Automated research topics.

This tool helps you to brief build for writers, bloggers, marketers, and teams. It helps you to save 20 hours per month by automation and data-driven content process. It provides a full overview of any topic by analyzing the top 10-15 results from Google of any keyword.

Step 1: Generate A Topic Report For Your Keyword In Seconds

  • You can skip the tedious, labor-intensive process of topic research by automating all the process aspects. It’s so easy to use!
  • You will receive a detailed report in 2 minutes based on your keyword, main keywords, outlines, word count, questions related to the topic, readability level, and keyword density.
  • In your article, you get a complete overview of the content and a clear idea of what to write, including topics and questions.
  • No more skipping topic research.

Step 2: Prepare a Content Brief Outlining Which Topics & Questions To Address From The Report.

  • It’s always best to have a content brief with specific instructions on how long to make the article, what topics to cover, what questions to answer, etc.
  • You can generate a brief from a topic research report using the integrated content brief editor. The article includes all relevant information about the keyword.
  • The information in the topic report can be added directly to the brief by clicking it from your topic report. Once you have edited and arranged the information, your brief is ready.

Step 3: Use Natural Language Processing AI to rank #1 in Google

  • Its natural language processing AI identifies the top keywords and phrases for your keyword after analyzing the top 15-20 competing content.
  • The tool analyzes over 100 parameters and generates suggestions for optimizing your article, with topic gaps and entities identified as ways to improve search engine ranking.

Postpace Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Share and get feedback about the content brief by copy and sharing it with the client.
  • Create a content brief from the report.
  • 20 topic reports per month.
  • 20 content briefs per month.
  • Unlimited user seats.
  • Collaborate with the writers and get better content for publishing.
  • Rank higher with professional bloggers.
  • Improve & deliver more content to build customer loyalty.
  • Find roadmap

Three steps to get faster and better content writing.

  • Generate a topic report for your keyword.
  • Create a content brief from the report.
  • Share & get feedback on your content brief.

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