Pictory converts long-form content into an engaging video that can be shared across social media platforms. With this tool, you can scan lengthy videos and extract the critical highlights within minutes. Select the shorter clips that you want to use in your new videos and customize them with colors, logos, and fonts using the AI results.

In addition, this tool allows you to bulk download the video clips in a CSV format or import them into your Hootsuite dashboard to help fill your social content calendar. You can quickly and easily produce short video highlights by transcribing long videos!

It makes polishing and splicing easy and straightforward, unlike other editing and splicing tools. Your demo or video podcast can be uploaded, and AI will do the work for you. After your video is transcribed, you can select which text you wish to keep or delete.

Pictory Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can also add branded bumpers, intros, outros, captions, and more in minutes to get your video production-ready.
  • Videos on social media are viewed most of the time on mute, so captions improve the accessibility of your videos and improve their SEO ranking.
  • It allows you to automatically add captions and subtitles to videos and quickly correct errors, so you don’t have to sit down and type every word of dialogue by hand.
  • Alternatively, you can download the captions as text, SRT, or VTT files.
  • It supports videos in over 20 different languages so that you can connect with viewers worldwide.
  • It also converts long-form text into short videos. With a published blog, AI will recognize the most important sentences and fine-tune the script accordingly.
  • You can choose from over six million licensed stock images and video clips from Shutterstock, or you can let the AI select the best visuals for you. You can also upload your own.
  • Make your video engaging by adding music and voiceover. There are many natural voices available, or you can record your own.
  • Picture’s powerful AI turns even the most complex written and video content into digestible, compelling clips.
  • Boost your visibility, productivity, and social media engagement
  • Choose the plan that suits you best without worrying about codes or stacking.
  • 20-minute max video length for text to video
  • Automatic subtitles
  • Auto highlights (trailer video clips)
  • B-roll
  • Export subtitles (SRT and VTT)
  • Automatic highlight
  • Automatic visual and audio selection
  • Search for similar visuals
  • Set your fonts and colours
  • Add logo
  • Scene transition styles
  • Add branded intro and outro
  • The standard library of images and videos
  • Premium library of music tracks
  • Upload own visuals and music tracks
  • 6M+ premium licensed images and videos (Shutterstock)
  • Trim video clips
  • AI-based text-to-speech in different accounts
  • Record or upload your own voiceover
  • MP4 videos in 1080p

Pictory Appsumo Price

Pictory Price

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