PhoneWagon is an innovative phone monitoring tool that allows you to set up lively amounts, automatic text messages, and telephone trees.

PhoneWagon Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Establish lively amounts and monitor inbound calls from your site, and automate text messages into missed calls
  • An alternative to¬†Telephone Tracking Metrics, Ringostat
  • Best for: Marketing services, client service, and call centers that need to maximize their mobile campaigns and outreach
  • Create a brand new phone number.
  • Dynamic number characteristic to monitor inbound calls from any site with no more than 1 line of code.
  • Establish Certain amounts for specific campaigns,
  • Pick any place code and make a dynamic variety to readily monitor inbound calls from many different channels.
  • Leads in the calls could be split based on their standing, which means you understand precisely where they’re on your funnel.
  • Group contributes based on where they’re on your conversion funnel!
  • Train new hires and supply positive examples to make sure your requirements are always on stage.
  • Record calls to accumulate all of the info that you want
  • View your past discussions, listen to telephone records, and also follow up with customers from the Inbox.
  • Even in the Event That You can not take every telephone, the automatic text attribute lets clients know you care
  • Use filters to section calls by standards such as length, keywords, and supply for super helpful information points.
  • It allows you to track inbound calls from marketing campaigns. This helps you see which campaigns are working and lets you track the effectiveness of your ad spend.
  • We have international numbers in 50+ countries.
  • The AppSumo deal is for the following countries: US, CA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Portugal.

There’s a lot of industries that get most of their leads via phone calls (lawyers, home services, financial services, real estate, insurance, etc).

Yes – you can call OUTBOUND with this software.

It also has a full conversation tab that allows you to see the entire online customer journey (i.e. keyword they searched, landing page they went to, etc) and then all the OFFLINE events like phone calls and texts. This is all show in one conversation thread and is beautiful to see the full customer journey.

Q: How much are additional numbers and minutes?
A: It varies based on the plan you’re on but here the rates:
1 code: $3 per number / $0.045 per minute
2 codes: $2.50 per number / $0.040 per minute
3 codes: $2 per number / $0.035 per minute
4 codes: $1.50 per number / $0.030 per minute
5 codes: $1.25 per number / $0.025 per minute

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