ParityDeals lets you construct time-based flash offers to draw in more users for a brief period of time. You will also have more control over the size of the discount you offer thanks to the dynamic sales deals.

ParityDeals Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Time, percentage, and length of the setup discount: By choosing the discount start time, lowering the percentage, or duration range, you can run time-based dynamic discounts.
  • Run sales discounts over a number of days: Let’s say you want to run sales discounts over a number of days or just one day. ParityDeals provided the answers right away.
  • Discounts tied to milestones: Run sales for your users to commemorate important milestones like a successful sales metric, your birthday, or the birthday of your pet.
  • Run product launching discount (Coming Soon): Give your initial group of users launching discounts to help you launch your product successfully.
  • Finding the sales pattern in-depth: In order to target the appropriate audience with the appropriate timing for discounts, the cutting-edge dashboard assesses the ideal sales timing and discount percentage for your goods.
  • Enhance data insights by understanding your users’ holiday shopping habits and enhancing your sales campaign.

ParityDeals Pitchground Price

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