Pagescreen is an automatic website monitor that enables you to record, evaluate, and archive any website’s visual evolution over time This tool enables you to perform quality assurance testing on your landing pages, track competitor content, and receive real-time information on website updates.

You can simply enter the URL that needs to be tracked to schedule screen captures at predetermined intervals, such as specific hours and days of the week. You can instantly create a pixel-perfect visual copy for all screen sizes and devices when any change is detected.

Pagescreen Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can add specific URLs to monitor or bulk upload a longer list, it enables you to keep track of multiple websites simultaneously.
  • You can choose to be notified by email, webhooks, or messaging services like Slack whenever a page changes.
  • You’ll be able to contrast screenshots in a variety of ways, including side-by-side, overlays, and before-and-after views.
  • You can easily follow the visual evolution of a page over time and keep up with any recent changes.
  • You can also organize all of your screenshots from your desktop and mobile devices using Pagescreen’s visual collections feature.
  • To track the development of any website, you can filter screenshots by date, size, or percentage of change.
  • You’ll have a central location for gathering business intelligence that complies with GDPR and is completely safe from third-party tracking.
  • It can integrate into any workflow using built-in APIs and webhooks, which makes things even more convenient.
  • Version control and quality analysis can be automated to enhance the continuous testing of any website.
  • You can stay up to date with external documentation, release notes, and announcements for third-party websites in bigger ecosystems.
  • URLs and monitoring that are limitless
  • Minimum frequency hourly
  • Notification of changes
  • Slack and Webhook integration
  • Screenshot API and Rest API
  • Solitary sign-on (SSO)

Pagescreen Appsumo Price

Pagescreen Price

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