OSlash is a solution that shortens lengthy URLs and connects with essential applications to enable teams to swiftly exchange information around their workspace. You can also install this tool on your preferred browser, be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Brave, as the first step.

After installation, you may turn confusing URLs into straightforward shortcuts that your entire team can use. Links should be labeled according to their purpose to make them simple to remember and locate, for as “o/daily-standup” in place of a Zoom link.

OSlash Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You may enable privacy settings with a single click to make shortcuts that only you can access.
  • You can see, edit, and organize all of your shortcuts from a single dashboard.
  • To keep track of activity within your firm, check the analytics for each link. You can also sign up to receive notifications when new links are generated.
  • You can even construct collections of all the links linked to a specific subject or team and arrange relevant shortcuts together.
  • When you enter in Jira, Slack, email, or even text editors like Notion, links autocomplete as you type because it follows you across all of your apps.
  • Additionally, Slack is fully integrated with the tool for quick shortcut launching within ongoing chats.
  • Even while on the go, you won’t have to waste time copying and pasting links and can get right to work.
  • Regardless of the software, you’re using, you can always use hotkeys to launch a searchable directory of all the shortcuts.
  • Additionally, you can look through the tabs to discover a certain website and search your history to retrieve files more quickly.
  • It will suggest shortcut links as you type in Gmail and Linear and will automatically display shortcut names when you are on a page that has already been saved.
  • Create easy URL shortcuts that your team can use to name and spread throughout the workplace for quick access.
  • A substitute for GoLinks
  • Use hotkeys to open a searchable database, easily navigate between apps, and sort all of your shortcuts from a single dashboard.
  • Best for: Teams of all sizes who require a quicker method to collaborate on critical URLs across apps
  • Numerous short cuts
  • Access limitations
  • Widgets
  • Collections
  • Tags
  • Integration with Slack
  • Weekly recap
  • Each sub-domain
  • Special SSO
  • The audit’s past
  • Individual collections

OSlash Appsumo Price

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