Open Time Clock is a sophisticated and user-friendly internet time clock software for enterprises of any size. It allows you to effectively monitor employee time and attendance. This employee time clock offers organizations a dependable and user-friendly option for streamlining time management and increasing payroll accuracy.

What more? It includes eleven login and management options to make your experience easier and smoother! It supports facial recognition (facial Clock), a type of biometric time clock. It recognizes an employee’s face and checks in and out.

Open Time Clock Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It allows you to print the employee’s PIN (or digit ID) onto the badge card. It can be a barcode or a QR code, and it also works with an RFID tag and an external RFID scanner.
  • When an employee clocks in and out, it records his or her photo for the boss to evaluate.
  • It allows you to follow the employee’s GPS geolocations and display them on Google Maps.
  • It helps you to keep track of your employees’ hours on the project they are working on. It also determines the cost of each job.
  • It lets you enter shift information and arrange each employee’s shift, allowing you to follow staff based on their project.
  • It allows employees to submit requests for lost hours and shifts
  • It allows you to set up automatic accrual rules for paid time off. The system will calculate the employee’s balance.
  • It provides over 30 pre-defined reports in CSV, XLSX, IF, and PDF formats.
  • Developers can use the API to query data directly from the database and into their software systems.
  • It has a project mode for keeping track of project and task completion times.
open time clock dealfuel price
open time clock dealfuel price
open time clock regular price
open time clock regular price

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