OneSimpleApi is the No-code tool you’ll need to save time and money by automating the mundane tasks so you can focus on expanding your company. It’s only one API, as the name implies, that helps you save time and money by providing a toolbox with everything you need to make your no-code project a success. Create API tokens from your account and specify the token’s purpose.

The email verification tool gives you access to all email ID information. You may use APIs to create little tools on your website and collect leads every time a visitor tries to use the tool. You might also use the API tokens to create your own SaaS product(s).

Normally, the tool costs $239 per year. But for a lifetime, you can purchase the same plan with 500 requests per hour and 5,000 requests per month for 39$. With 50 Users/Clients in your SaaS Mantra account, you can also increase to 10,000 requests per hour & 1 million requests per month for a one-time fee.

OneSimpleApi Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You may also automate your daily workflows by integrating the API tokens with your favorite tools using the integromat, N8N, and Zapier integrations.
  • It’s never been easier to retrieve SEO data from a website and have it all arranged in your Airtable/Notion.
  • You can easily drag-and-drop the API into the Airtable record flow to validate the email address; and map the field for fetching the information such as Title, Email Id, First Name, and so on, depending on the action you want to conduct.
  • You can use Zapier to accomplish the same thing with any of these tools: Email Validation, QR Code, Webpage & Image Information, PDF Creation, Screenshots, Expand Shortened URL, Currency Exchange, and so on.
  • Using an API, automate ten distinct tasks and retrieve the data.
  • Alternatives to: API Flash, Zero Bounce
  • Expand Shortened URLs, Webpage & Image Information, Email Validation
  • No-code app creators, marketing professionals, web designers, and developers are the best candidates.
  • Solutions with No Code
  • Data Retriever for Spotify Profiles
  • Retriever of Instagram Profiles
  • API for Email Validation
  • Converting HTML to PDF
  • Images and vectors are used to create QR codes.
  • API for Currency Exchange Rates
  • Expand the URL Shortener
  • Retriever of Image Data
  • Screenshots from Automated Websites
  • Data Retrieval from Web Pages
  • Integration of Zapier and Integromat
  • Integration with
  • Access to a Private Slack Group

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