Omnikick is an Smart email automation tool for push notifications. Personalize your email list and send the emails at the right time.

Omnikick Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • SYNC PUSH NOTIFICATIONS with the latest technology used.
  • List Building Pop Technology.
  • It comes up with a Omni Bot feature to manage all the customer queries directly.
  • Get Up To 95% Read Rates With SMS.
  • Make every followup count.
  • Send Highly-Targeted Drip Content email campaigns at right time with the targeted audience.
  • Segment all your customers in micro-groups.
  • Deliver beautiful newsletters with ease and without a designer.
  • Get prebuilt templates with this tool.
  • Quickly add elements like texts, buttons,  images, etc. to your newsletter.
  • Smart Push Notification.
  • Automate ]everything with easy-to-use Visual Workflow Builder.
  • Unlimited Websites.
  • Facebook custom ads workflow.
  • Unlimited Automations.
  • Unlimited Workflows.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications.
  • Unlimited Broadcasting.
  • Personalize customer experience.
  • Engage all the customers on major marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Channel Marketing Automation Workflow.
  • Broadcast your marketing campaigns to the right audience that matters the most with 95% of the reading rate within 15 minutes of delivery.
  • Personalize every message.
  • Optimize your marketing strategy for a better tomorrow.]
  • Get deeper analytics of what your customers drive-in.
  • Find Roadmap.

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