Ohmylead is an all-in-one lead management solution that helps you synchronize leads and automate the qualification process. With this solution, you can not only consolidate all of your lead sources in one place, but you can also qualify and nurture them in real time based on your campaigns, including campaign scoring, automated emails, and notifications, smart contact with deep insights, and more.

This tool simplifies the lead management process and saves you time by consolidating all lead sources into a single location and syncing and verifying all incoming leads. It can help you figure out which campaigns generate the highest-quality leads and then send the qualified and sales-ready prospects to your choice CRM while also delivering the rest to your favorite lead nurturing solution for further “nurturing.”

Ohmylead Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Simplify Lead Processing – An all-in-one lead management software that saves you time by synchronizing all lead sources in one place and automating the qualification process to send only highly qualified leads.
  • Follow Up With Your Leads Quicker – It syncs all of your forms in real-time and validates your leads’ emails and phone numbers automatically.
  • All of your lead sources come together in one spot thanks to innovative integrations and a powerful AI. You can now simply qualify all of your prospects and deliver them in your marketing automation platform or CRM with just one click using various lead nurturing tactics and robust automated features such as lead and campaign scoring.
  • Smartcard – For each lead, this tool develops a smartcard with all of their contact information. You can qualify a lead in seconds by altering its status or assigning it to a team member.
  • Lead Dispatch – At the user role level, you can assign an owner to each lead and set the lead’s visibility.
  • Smart Views – Smart Views are saved search queries based on parameters you establish for proactive outreach to Leads who meet certain criteria.
  • Measure and Analyze – As your business grows, track and analyze your Lead Ad campaigns to improve your ROAS.
  • With the Twilio Integration, you can engage customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and even international phone calls.
  • Making an appointment – With the CALENDLY integration, you can make appointments and schedule events directly from the interface.
  • R.O.I. measurement – Determine which of your campaigns is generating the most qualified leads and reallocate your advertising budget to the best-performing campaigns in real-time.
  • Advanced permissions – Advanced permissions provide you with more control over your actions.
  • Import/Export CSV – Import and qualify leads from excel files. You may also filter and export leads.
  • Validation of phone numbers and email addresses – Phone numbers and email addresses are checked automatically to avoid unqualified leads and save you time.
  • With features like notifications, one-click lead calling, and lead tracking via email, SMS, and Whatsapp, a mobile apps will add more usefulness to your customers’ lead management process.


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