Nova AI is a web-based video editor that automatically converts languages and adds subtitles to videos for any platform. You can automatically transcribe, translate, and add subtitles to videos using this tool. for more affordable editing.

In order to create subtitles and transcriptions that can be edited for content and style, artificial intelligence (AI) recognizes human speech patterns. Including Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin, transcribe more than 40 languages into subtitles that can be automatically translated into hundreds of other languages.

Nova AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Once you’ve finished editing, you can either burn the subtitles directly into your video on the platform or download them as SRT or TXT files.
  • With automated video logging and data tagging, this tool organizes your video library so you can quickly access any moment.
  • Every piece of content is subjected to scene analysis by the clever AI, which tags particular categories like people, emotions, and actions.
  • By making unique templates and labels that enable you to train the AI to recognize particular faces, you can fine-tune your outcomes.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to store up to 500 GB of video data because of the safe and flexible cloud storage!
  • All you have to do to find the complete video you want to repurpose is look up specific labels in the deep search engine.
  • Your AI can automatically stitch together scenes and export the new clip as an MP4 with just a few simple details.
  • Create video content quickly and easily for digital projects and social media campaigns using the web-based editor
  • You can optimize videos for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram by selecting from a number of presets
  • You don’t even need to download the video or any other program to edit videos on TikTok and YouTube; all you need to do is copy the link
  • The best part is that this tool can export your content to a variety of popular video editing programs, including DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Utilize robust AI to automatically transcribe, translate, and add subtitles to videos.
  • Alternatives tool to Kamau, Runway, and GliaStudi
  • With long-form content and automatically generated, shareable clips, create a searchable video library.
  • Unlimited file sizes for upload
  • Look into unlimited downloads
  • Look into video editing
  • Verify automatic clipper
  • Check YouTube cutter Check import and export of 4K videos
  • Check the export time of 120 minutes for each video.
  • Translations
  • Templates
  • Export subtitled video and lookup translations in more than 150 languages (and any new languages added)

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