Nicereply is a survey tool that helps measurement and customer loyalty teams. This tool allows you to read other people’s minds in a way, understanding what they’re thinking. By automatically surveying customers after resolving a ticket, call, or chat, you’ll be able to deliver world-class customer service without lifting a finger.

In addition, even if a customer doesn’t finish the survey, it still records their responses, so you know what happened. Email signature surveys let customers rate their experience upon receiving every reply, while the over-surveying protection ensures you do not send too many surveys to any one customer.

Nicereply Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Whether you’re talking via email, chat, or text, this tool lets you get real-time feedback from your customers.
  • It enables you to gain more insight into your support process, but it also gives you the chance to change direction if something is going wrong.
  • Your helpdesk system can sync data on customers, tickets, and agents, so you’re always able to see feedback in its proper context.
  • Keep track of real-time customer support metrics on the easy-to-navigate dashboard and make sure you’re meeting their needs.
  • You can use customer satisfaction metrics trend charts to prepare for your seasonal workload if you want to compare your data by weeks, days, or hours.
  • Analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses with leaderboards and generate customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES), and net promoter score (NPS) reports.
  • It provides its customers with a mobile-friendly rating feed, so they can always see how they’re doing.
  • You can customize your surveys with themes, colors, and logos, so they match your brand and needs.
  • You can select different rating scales and even translate surveys into 11 different languages.
  • Analyze Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES) by agent, team, or company.
  • Your customers can be surveyed automatically after a ticket, chat, call, or deal has been resolved. Once set, you don’t need to do anything.
  • Use In-signature surveys to ask customers for feedback at the bottom of every email.
  • You can increase your survey response rates by 200% by combining in-signature surveys and email surveys at the end of resolutions without sending any additional emails.
  • It can be integrated with your support desk system and CRM.
  • You can customize your surveys in terms of branding, visuals, survey questions, rating scales, and metrics.
  • Track stats for your best agents and teams with leaderboards and drill-downs.
  • Keep track of your customer experience with real-time feedback on CSAT, CES, and NPS.
  • Keep track of customer experience with regular reports and notifications.
  • Payment is only made for completed surveys.
  • Unlimited number of surveys.
  • Unlimited surveys sent.
  • No codes can be stacked.

Nicereply Appsumo Price

Nicereply Price

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