Moodbit is an employee engagement tool that helps employees to thrive with wellbeing action plans. Moodbits pulse survey and action plans are the smartest way to understand your employees in a faster and nonintrusive way.

Moodbit Deal Features Overview: 

  • You can easily understand your teams with a smart pulse survey directly on Slack.
  • This tool allows you to improve engagement and wellbeing with action plans based on science.
  • Also get real-time analytics based on your active data, in an anonymous way.
  • The best tool for teams that are looking to improve corporate culture and employee engagement.
  • Easy to answer pulse-survey directly on Slack.
  • Action-plans that help with their wellbeing, productivity, boost their mood, and engagement.
  • One-click integration on Slack.
  • Integrated with unlimited Slack public channels.
  • Up to 100 employees and 5 managers.
  • Safe and Anonymous responses and data.
  • Private dashboard login for all managers.
  • Unlimited and FREE descriptive real-time insights.
  • Weekly action plans.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and Gmail with a premium upgrade.

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