Monday Hero is a low-code solution that will turn your Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch drawings into reusable code components. Convert your Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch designs to code in minutes and save hours of costly development time.

It allows you to write Swift or Flutter code for UI components so that you may build iOS and Android apps. Designers can construct their own components in Figma, and developers can use this tool to quickly generate reusable components.


Monday Hero Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • This tool offers components such as list view builders, custom widgets, and card views, it will seem similar to Figma for developers.
  • It allows you to automatically import all of the colors, font styles, and photos without errors, saving you from having to seek for design flaws
  • All of your visual elements are created in five various PNG sizes or SVG formats, ready for use in your code
  • Import existing design guidelines directly from Figma to ensure there are no duplicate colors or text styles throughout your app
  • This application can generate a design guideline for you; simply rename it to reflect your project
  • It uses AI to translate your designs into responsive code that allows elements to fit across multiple screens.
  • It will automatically alter rows, columns, stacks, and even apply padding to objects. This way, you may use the code straight away
  • It’s also simple to customize and change the responsive code to meet your exact requirements, ensuring that your app looks great on every screen size
  • Connect this tool to your workspace to synchronize code with your Flutter project, or download your Xcode project directly
  • This capability works perfectly with popular development environments like as Android Studio, Visual Studio, and Xcode
  • The program automatically downloads all required components, assets, and design elements. Alternatively, you can download elements individually for maximum flexibility
  • It includes bespoke UI code components, design standards, and responsive code to help you build your app more efficiently
  • Create a beautiful UI for your iOS native app. Use both xib and programming-style UI components.
  • Convert the design to Dart and leverage Google’s UI toolkit to create natively built applications.
  • Create your bespoke component library directly from your ideas, saving up to 60% on development time. Forget the headache of manually coding design intricacies and concentrate on the bigger picture.
  • Before you move your code to your project, be sure it’s exactly what you want. Avoid surprises by previewing your code.
  • It helps you maintain a uniform codebase across your team. Keep your code clean and legible to encourage effective cooperation.
  • Connect the toolto your workspace and synchronize code with your project as needed. Feel at ease with your preferred tool, whether it’s Android Studio, Visual Studio, or any other IDE.
monday hero appsumo price
monday hero appsumo price
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monday hero regular pricing

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