Markopolo employs artificial intelligence to create social copy, identify target audiences, and plan cross-platform social media and search ad campaigns. This tool allows you to manage advertising for hundreds of brands at once and link them to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Begin creating advertising with tens of thousands of pre-built templates for a variety of post types on every platform. You may also construct a style guide that saves your varied design settings by accessing a full asset library for each brand.

Markopolo Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You’ll also be able to customize the tone of your text posts and use AI to create an engaging copy in seconds.
  • TheĀ  cutting-edge targeting engine uses artificial intelligence to determine the most receptive people for your adverts
  • In just a few days, AI-based audience presets identify the greatest audience fit, ensuring that your campaigns are always directed at the appropriate people
  • You can also build custom audiences from the ground up using basic demographic data like age, gender, and geography
  • It’s also simple to organize audiences by performance and save them for future campaigns
  • To automate full-scale paid marketing campaigns, launch and schedule several posts at once across multiple platforms
  • Set the time, target areas, and goals, and this tool will create a content calendar for you to customize.
  • You may set campaign budgets based on the audiences you wish to reach with each ad, and evaluate results by running A/B testing with just one click.
  • With easy-to-understand charts, breakdowns, and graphs, the dashboard lets you make sense of all your raw data.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of key metrics for each post, such as total clicks and cost-per-click, across all of your brand accounts.
  • You may also customize the layout of your dashboard to get real-time campaign statistics for convenient reporting.
  • Use AI-generated copy, creativity, and audience settings to run social media and search ad campaigns.
  • WordStream,, and AdEspresso are all alternatives.
  • Automate the creation of content schedules for sponsored marketing campaigns and A/B testing with artificial intelligence
  • Best for: Agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to employ artificial intelligence to improve the ROI of their social media and search ads.
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Caption and copy creation are limitless.
  • Unlimited picture and video ad creation on Facebook and Instagram
  • Google search and display ad creation are both unlimited.
  • Templates for your brand are endless.
  • Ads can be saved indefinitely.
  • Image editor for advertisements
  • Creating thumbnails for videos
  • Library of content
  • Dashboard for the campaign
  • Creating an audience
  • Integration of the Facebook Interests API
  • Integration of the Google Keywords Tool
  • Geotargeting

Markopolo Appsumo Price

Markopolo Price

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