MailRush’s email platform is designed for email outreach in order to warm up cold contacts and increase engagement. Cold email outreach campaigns that convert leads into loyal customers

MailRush Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • With automated workflows, templates, and advanced tracking, create cold email campaigns to engage your ideal customers.
  • Mailshake and GMass are good alternatives.
  • Send an unlimited number of cold email marketing campaigns at no additional cost
  • Sales reps, email marketers, and recruiters looking to reach more prospects with cold email outreach
  • Email marketing on a cold list should be more straightforward.
  • MailRush provides you with the tools you need to design, send, and track automated campaigns.
  • Go to the campaigns dashboard to start building campaigns or manage existing ones from one simple place
  • Your email outreach campaigns can be created and managed from one convenient dashboard!
  • If your prospects are cold already, you can nurture them by sending follow-up email to make them warm.
  • With MailRush’s drag-and-drop editor, you’ll be able to create email automation workflows in minutes.
  • Any email event that you want to track—such as a click—will stop the automation automatically when you get a reply.
  • You can build workflows using MailRush’s drag-and-drop functionality to make email marketing easy!
  • MailRush lets you easily track opens, clicks, and replies for every email you send.
  • Senders should protect their reputation with deliverability KPIs, like delivery rates and bounce rates, that allow them to optimize their email campaigns.
  • Check your contact list to see who has gone through the automation steps and who has responded or clicked to specific emails.
  • If you know the name of each lead, they’ll listen to you more attentively.
  • You can personalize email copy by adding the contact’s name, company, location, and more by clicking a button.
  • Take control with customizable, text-based templates that you can use over and over again!
  • You can improve your email drafts and optimize email placement based on best practices to avoid spammy words and enhance your messages using the Template Assistant.
  • In the template builder, you can make text-based emails with the reader’s name, company, and more.
  • Make your email templates with multimedia and different design elements using a drag-and-drop email template builder.
  • Your emails can include videos and images to grab your leads’ attention and make the message feel more personal.
  • Make it easy to schedule a call with you by using a brightly colored button.
  • Sending from a shared IP address
  • Automation of IP warming
  • Email support for cold emails
  • E-mails in text and HTML
  • Build email templates by dragging and dropping
  • Abuse and blacklist prevention
  • Manage subscriptions and send transactional emails with WordPress.
  • Access to APIs
  • Your domain name will be used as the sending address for the SMTP account.
  • Content rotation and A/B testing
  • Drip campaigns and follow up emails can be automated with drag-and-drop automation
  • 10,000 monthly email sending limit
  • 1,000 daily email sending limit
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited contacts

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