LoudDoc personalizes marketing content by allowing you to create interactive, readily distributable web docs with audio and video annotations. You can narrate any document by using audio or video recordings to make it more realistic and engaging.

With this tool, you can convert any file and narrate any page using your webcam or microphone, or utilize existing audio or video recording. You’ll be able to modify your narration settings for each page, for example, you’ll be able to have narrations play automatically as visitors scroll.

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • It is simple to share once you’ve completed them, thanks to dedicated, branded links that operate on any device and include actionable customer interaction tracking.
  • Whether you want to bring in team members, stakeholders, or specialists, you may invite them to narrate pages without creating additional accounts.
  • You can collaborate on content and keep your branding consistent across documents with limitless team accounts.
  • Furthermore, by sharing media such as video narration clips, all team members can contribute to the creation of presentations or brochures, ensuring that the proper individual is assigned to each part.
  • You can password-protect you and conceal them from search engines while you’re collaborating and sharing.
  • Enhance your presentations with dynamic notations, custom backgrounds, and branding to make a lasting impression with your clients.
  • For a more interactive experience, you can also include links, movies, and slideshows on your pages.
  • It can also be shared via landing pages, embed codes, and social media to instantly broaden your reach and connect with people on their preferred channel.
  • You can see detailed analytics for each page across specific timelines with this tool, so you’ll never be in the dark about how your presentations are performing.
  • Use real-time, per-page interaction tracking to figure out what kind of impression you’re leaving—and then contact out at the right time.
  • Connect your account to your Google Analytics account to track activity across all of your pages.
  • With scheduled email analytics reporting, you can also keep stakeholders, coworkers, and clients up to date.
  • To increase client trust, provide audio and video notes in your presentations, mailings, and brochures.
  • Loom, Vidyard, and Dropbox are a few examples of alternatives. DocSend
  • Share papers with branded links and track user engagement metrics in real-time.
  • Best for Demand generation and lead nurturing experts who wish to boost customer connections with self-assurance resources.
  • At any time, you can make changes.
  • Topics for the presentation
  • Narrations that have already been created can be edited.
  • Your web address and logo
  • Each page contains a one-minute narration.
  • Notifications of current activities
  • There are no limits to how many things you can collect
  • A button that provides instant feedback

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