Loopin is a collaborative workspace that enables you to automatically schedule meetings, generate summaries, and share them with your team. With this tool, the frustration of inadequately managed meetings is no longer a concern. Our system is designed to help you make the most of your meetings by providing comprehensive features that enhance your productivity.

The knowledge administration system is an essential component. This system enables you to retain and organise all of the information discussed in your meetings, ensuring that you never overlook an essential detail. Keep track of the meeting’s action items, decisions, and key points with relative ease. Therefore, enhance meeting performance with a system designed to manage meeting knowledge, increase accountability, and automate mundane tasks.

Loopin CE Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • AI Chrome Extension can automatically summarise your meetings into well-written notes that include all of the most important decisions, action items, and updates.
  • The tool has everything organised, so you no longer need to fret about forgetting vital details
  • It integrates seamlessly with Google Meet, Gmail, and Google Calendar, making it exceedingly simple to track the entire meeting process without leaving Google Meet
  • It makes sharing meeting notes with your team via email, Slack, or your preferred workspace exceedingly simple. Consequently, everyone is on the same page, and you can keep everyone informed of the progress.
  • It enables you to track your progress through weekly calendar metrics, allowing you to assess how much time you have spent on meetings and initiatives. This functionality also presents statistics such as completed tasks, time saved, and total time spent on tasks, providing valuable insights to help you identify areas where your productivity can be improved
  • Meeting Notes Inbox enables the storage and organisation of all meeting notes in a single location. Before the meeting, the agenda, previous notes, and pending duties are readily accessible
  • With the Meeting Intelligence feature, you can automatically link comparable meetings and organise meeting notes. This guarantees that you will never overlook a crucial detail or neglect an action item.
  • You can concentrate more on the meeting while the tool handles the remainder.
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Loopin Dealmirror Price
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