adds link preview pop-ups to your website automatically, allowing visitors to read and interact with hyperlink content without leaving your site.

Every link on your page is automatically generated as a mobile-friendly hyperlink preview by this tool. Visitors may now interact with video, audio, slideshows, and other rich material without having to leave your website or open multiple tabs. Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Users can receive a sneak-peek into any connected content while reading your blog or PDF, avoiding tab overload.
  • It works with popular website builders like Squarespace, WordPress, and Webflow to make it simple to add hyperlink previews to your site
  • To add the script to your site, simply copy and paste one line of HTML code, and your hyperlinks will be automatically upgraded
  • You may also turn off previews for specific links or sections, giving you complete control over your hyperlinks!
  • Visitors to this tool can open link preview pop-ups in one of two ways: by clicking or hovering over a link
  • When users click on a link, you can choose to automatically show media on your websites, such as YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, or Instagram posts
  • When users hover over a link, you can also provide pop-up summaries for related pages and articles
  • Visitors may receive the gist of any external webpage straight from your website thanks to the summary, which includes a synopsis and relevant photo
  • Including interactive hyperlink previews in your web content benefits not only your readers but also your website
  • You can improve the loading speed of your website by replacing video, media embeds, and iframes with preview pop-ups
  • When you make it easy for your visitors to stay on your site, boosts user session lengths and lowers bounce rates
  • You may also pick between light and dark modes to make your material more immersive for readers, which will keep them on the page for longer
  • To lower bounce rates, automatically provides link preview pop-ups for hyperlinks on your website or blog
  • ezLinkPreview, Peeklink, and Owlskip are all alternatives
  • Use clever preview-on-hover or preview-on-click settings to show rich media material
  • Best tool for Bloggers, content providers, and content marketers who want to use link previews to keep site visitors on the page
  • It may be used on any website, blog, or eCommerce store.
  • On hover, smart pop-ups show a preview.
  • On-the-fly immersive previews
  • No branding.

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Linkz AI Price

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