Leanbe makes it easy to broadcast product updates and collect instant feedback. This tool lets you create an idea board to collect user feedback and feature requests

Leanbe Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Voting history provides insight into users’ preferences.
  • Keep track of customer feedback and reviews.
  • Track bugs and gather ideas for improvements
  • You can collect and analyze detailed information about users’ backgrounds, demographics, geolocation, journey, engagement, voting history, and more.
  • Using AI to facilitate deep research and make data-driven predictions to guide product development
  • Prioritizing feature requests using an upvoting system and artificial intelligence
  • By using objective data, we can plan and prearrange further actions according to their importance or urgency
  • Implement features, fix bugs, develop functions, and release and test versions based on their priority.
  • Let your users know about big news by sending emails or announcing it in widgets, and take their feedback into account.
  • Measure user satisfaction & level of compliance with expectations by assessing needs and analyzing feedback
  • Analyze the effects of medium to large-scale improvements and changes

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