Laxis intelligently records meetings using simple transcription and personalized templates, allowing you to extract insights, action items, and important quotes from and across meetings. While you focus on the conversation, it takes notes and captures each attendee’s comments verbatim, as well as flagging items for follow-up.

Laxis Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Personalizable Meeting Templates – Pre-Meeting Make your own meeting templates for various types of gatherings. You can customize your template by adding topics. You can also add keywords to each topic, which will utilize to extract the crucial data from each chat for you.
  • Capture clear and consistent actions – This tool accurately records meeting outcomes and sends them to each attendee. Personalized or standard meeting templates are used to layout decisions and future steps.
  • In-Meeting Transcription and Tagging in Real Time – You can record and transcribe live conversations, phone calls, and video chats using your microphone. At the same time, you may highlight and tag action items and important information by simply clicking on the topic titles.
  • Obtain important insights from a variety of interactions – Key themes or issues are identified using keyword highlighting and searches. Artificial intelligence pulls useful information from each encounter or a group of interviews.
  • Post-Meeting: Audio Upload — Transcribe, upload an existing audio file (i.e. mp3 or m4p). To align with similar meetings, you might apply your own template to the transcription. This tool will evaluate and extract insights automatically using the template.
  • Smart Summaries – It extracts information based on your personalized template and generates a summary for dissemination using its patented NLP technology and artificial intelligence.
  • Insight Management – It categorizes your conversation based on your template. it then organizes your significant quotations together depending on your topics. Find key quotes quickly using these subjects and keywords.
  • Conversation Search — Find the exact information you need quickly by searching across all of your transcripts for quotes, key phrases, next steps, and more.
  • Post-Meeting Collaborations — Save transcripts and memoranda in the format you prefer, then share them with your colleagues.
  • It integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, among other conference platforms (coming soon).
  • Auto Saving and Unlimited Google Meet Transcription AI 10 Meeting Recordings Per Month, Maximum 60 Minutes Real-Time
  • Transcription Recording time for each meeting
  • 600 minutes in total Transcription
  • Microphone-based transcription and recording
  • Meeting via Zoom AI-Augmented Memo Search Transcript Download and Share Insight Management Import Audio File to Text World
  • Class Editor Personalizable Template AI-Augmented Memo Search Transcript Download and Share
  • All of the “Starter” Plan’s features and updates

What are the Advantages of Using Laxis?

  • Spend more time with one another and less time taking notes. Rather than being clerical,  empowers workers to think strategically.
  • Reiterate the meeting’s outcomes. At the end of each meeting, this tool sends meeting notes in a single click.
  • Make better decisions to help your company develop. AI-powered insights can help you make better decisions.

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