Turn your visitors into advocates with gamified funnels with Klujo. Help them to learn about your company, make them qualify about their participation, and reward them for their engagement. Build a community of loyal customers with gamified funnels.

Klujo Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Educate via personalized gamified experiences.
  • Validate & Verify with social media.
  • Qualify with a points system.
  • Drive loyalty with a rewards program
  • Establish advocacy with a leaderboard
  • Create and deliver a memorable user experience for every gamer.
  • Stop getting more bounced emails from the leads.
  • Build a real connection with the user by using social media authentication to capture users’ real info easily.
  • Give your users personalized feedback.
  • Allow users to redeem their loyalty points and maintain the long term relation.
  • Allow your users to take repeatable actions and achieve the leaderboard easily.

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