Hosting your professional email with a secure, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free service is one of the best ways to minimize spam . Send out an email like you normally do and you’ll find it in everyone’s inbox in no time. Consider it as a cost-effective email marketing campaign for internal communications in your organization.

You will always receive emails from your entire company, no matter the size of your team. You don’t present a professional image to your business client using emails like,, etc. Stay professional with Kerjamail provides a simple dashboard and control panel. This makes it easy to manage your team’s email account. You can quickly add, remove, set up, or change the setting of your team’s email from the control panel.

Email Credits is a pay-as-you-go plan from KIRIM.EMAIL. Our email validation service is already built-in. Reduce your email marketing bills NOW! Agency Account is our latest feature. You can use it by our invitation only. But, if you buy Kerjamail, we happily invite you also to use it before anyone else.

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