With KDMARC you can protect your domain, boost deliverability, and enhance email marketing ROI.

KDMARC Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Stop snooping, and other phishing attacks, forgery and improve email security and deliverability.
  • An alternative tool to OnDMARC.
  • You can identify top sources abusing your organization’s email domain and also protect your brand.
  • The best tool for email marketers and businesses who are affected by email threats.
  • Safeguard your outgoing emails from malicious activities and cyber threats
  • Protect their customers, brand, and domain reputation.
  • Alter IPs and email sources in the SPF record without the need to visit the DNS.
  • Identify unauthorized sources.
  • Access and view email compliance rates for all your domains in the Reports tab.
  • Control user access to critical information.
  • Focuses on efficiency, robust reporting, and saving time.
  • Receive valuable insights into your email authentication activity.
  • You can stack up to 5 codes.
  • DMARC/SFP/DKIM record checkers.
  • Knowledge center on software.
  • BIMI generator.
  • User-friendly charts and statistics.
  • Tools for assisting SPF, DKM, and DMARC implementation.
  • Daily and 7-day analysis report via email.
  • Automated alerts & reporting via email.
  • Visibility of the sources of outbound mails viz. own, authorized third parties, SPAMers or Fraudsters.
  • Volumes and trends of the outbound mails including that of phishing campaigns.
  • IAM (Integrated Access Management) users.
  • Processing of DMARC reports (RUA).
  • Confirmation for the reliability of the outbound mails in terms of SPF, DKIM & DMARC conformance.
  • Informative dashboard report.
  • World graphs.
  • Automatic subdomain discovery.
  • Forensic viewer.
  • Processing of DMARC reports (RUF).
  • Onboarding support – knowledgebase.
  • 400,000 Emails checked each year.
  • 2 Domains.

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