Juuno is your comprehensive digital signage solution, with a beautiful user interface and simple setup. This tool is designed for agencies, institutions, businesses, and beyond, enables you to remotely construct appealing signage playlists that cater to your or your clients’ needs.

Manage information on any number of screens with ease, whether for clients or your own business. Remote content management is a breeze. Whether you’re a reseller or want to grow your own business, It has a wide range of apps to select from.

Juuno Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Explore social walls, news updates, weather predictions, and your own personalized artwork and videos.
  • Create dynamic playlists by combining different sorts of entertainment, all while utilizing our simple scheduling capabilities. Set automation in motion to ensure that your content shines at the right times.
  • Turn inactive screens into engaging assets. Creating a digital playlist on the tool is as easy as curating your favorite Spotify playlist. Include photographs, videos, Canva designs, local news, social media updates, and other elements.
  • It is more than just a tool; it exemplifies clear and successful communication. The tool guarantees that your message is transmitted smoothly, whether you’re talking with consumers or personnel.
  • With a free account option, you can resurrect that underutilized office TV or screen. A solitary screen can now be transformed into a dynamic platform for stunning visual communication.
  • With amazing digital signage capabilities, you may completely transform your communication strategy. Make every screen count in your communication approach.
Juuno Appsumo Price
Juuno Appsumo Price
juuno regular pricing
juuno regular pricing

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