Internxt’s zero-knowledge cloud storage system is based on total confidentiality and uncompromised security. With zero-knowledge encryption, securely store and share documents and photographs in the cloud.

Internxt Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • An alternative to Tresorit and Synchronize
  • Any device, anywhere, can access your information
  • Good for: Photographers, finance teams, and solopreneurs who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive information.
  • For maximum security in cloud storage, zero-knowledge encryption is the best choice.
  • Whenever you upload a file, it is client-side encrypted and then fragmented into pieces or shards.
  • Each data shard is then distributed around the world with distribution technology.
  • Having the decryption key means you are the only one capable of recovering your fragmented files.
  • No one could get your pics, not even Nick Cage’s crew
  • It encrypts and fragments your data so you have control over it
  • You can use it to store information in a variety of ways
  • It’s possible to use Internxt Drive, Photos, Send, and whatever else they come up with in the future
  • You will have no problems finding your stuff using the intuitive interface too
  • Keep track of all of your information with the intuitive interface, and spend less time looking for info.
  • All your files will be safe and secure, so you can share them with anyone.
  • When you go to share that family recipe for peanut butter and chocolate brownies, you’ll rest assured it’s safe to send.
  • The recipient of the link will soon be able to access the file themselves! Just copy the link to the file you want to share, and they will find the file themselves!
  • You can share photos with confidence when using encrypted file sharing: just copy the link, and the recipients will be able to access them!
  • You can easily access this tool, even though it’s tough when it comes to privacy concerns.
  • Almost any device can access this tool, which features apps for desktops, browsers, iOS, and Android.
  • You’ll be able to have all your data available no matter what device you are on with automatic sync.
  • Plus, it automatically uploads the photos to your account.
  • Don’t worry about connectivity failures, either–it helps you keep your files accessible even when you are offline.
  • Access this tool from your iPhone, Android, desktop, and web browser.
  • Cloud storage platform offers you zero-knowledge encryption and apps for just about every device
  • Keep your precious information under lock and key.

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