InfinyDock includes a customizable dock for moving between open application windows. It enables you to easily group windows from the same app and access windows from other apps with a single click.

This novel method of window management allows users to organize and switch between open application windows with remarkable simplicity. The ability of InfyniDock to group windows from the same program simplifies navigation, and its intuitive design allows for easy access to windows from diverse apps, making multitasking and productivity a breeze.

InfinyDock Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Exhausting window switching and the necessity to click and navigate through many windows
  • A cluttered workspace and the inability to merge windows from the same app together
  • You can do uultitasking efficiency and improved workflow
  • One of the major issues with the conventional macOS dock is its lack of customization.
  • Concerns about speed and convenience
  • Expand dock items to rapidly see all open windows for an app. You can quickly switch between them
  • Customize the dock by concealing or revealing apps, reordering objects, adding window previews, and more.
  • You can add hotkeys to your keyboard for quick window switching.
  • Change the appearance of the dock by using different backgrounds, text, and accent colors
  • To simplify your workflow, view live previews of open windows before switching.
infynidock dealmirror price
infynidock dealmirror price

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