Incogniton is an anti-detect browser that industry professionals use for web scraping and multiple accounts. This tool allows you to browse the web while remaining anonymous and avoiding being banned or restricted.

Incogniton Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Simple to use with excellent UX – Get the work done without complicating the process. Simply download, set up your browser profiles, and begin browsing safely.
  • Capability to import bulk profiles and proxies – When compared to its competitors, the tool offers the best profile management system.
  • Reviews from over 400,000 current users – Don’t put your faith in just one or two people.
  • This browser includes built-in native integrations with some proxy providers to speed up your activity.
  • One of the best in the industry in terms of longevity, experience, and trustworthiness.
  • Simple multi-account management without sacrificing security or control.
  • Configure details such as geolocation to store, produce, and protect your digital fingerprint. Stay undetected.
  • To save time, automate browser actions with Selenium or Puppeteer. From simple button clicks to complicated automation such as login and registration
  • Cookies Management assists you in importing/exporting and managing your cookies. A cookie collector can be used to generate browser history.
  • Create distinct logins for team members and assign them roles with specified rights.
  • Multilogin, GoLogin, AdsPower, Logii, and Kameleo alternatives.
  • Advertisement – Working with a remote team to manage many ad accounts across Meta, Google, and TikTok. Scale using the browser without attracting unnecessary limitations and restrictions
  • We adore data when it comes to web scraping. However, thousands of engineers labor daily on various platforms to halt your actions. Fortunately, you have an industry-leading solution that integrates both Selenium and Puppeteer to keep those jobs running
  • Owners of Digital Agencies – Securely manage various social media profiles for your clients. Share profiles with team members to improve coordination
  • Dropshippers and eCommerce Stores – Want to run numerous stores on different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba at the same time? This is intended for you
  • Affiliate Marketers: Many affiliate marketers still fantasize about running several affiliate offers on Google and Facebook without having their profiles/accounts blocked. You can run your deals and earn clients while being anonymous.
  • Social Media Marketers and Agencies Logging in and out of many accounts and executing actions without being barred, shadowbanned, or suspended by platforms is difficult. Using a browser, you can manage hundreds of social accounts while protecting your company and clients
  • For Traffic Arbitrage – If you run multiple niche sites and buy traffic through arbitrage, it is critical to have multiple accounts sending traffic to your publishing site in order to profit. It helps you achieve this so you never run out of accounts to send traffic.
Incogniton rockethub price
Incogniton rockethub price
Incogniton Lifetime Deal: Anti-Detect Browser 2
Incogniton regular pricing

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