Inbox Zero is a Gmail inbox cleaner and AI-powered email assistant that allows you to manage and control your inbox. It is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage your mailbox easily. This tool offers

Features include an inbox cleaner, an AI-automated cold email filter, and comprehensive inbox statistics.
This email cleaner has worked closely with Google to ensure its security. Furthermore, it allows you to host it on your system for an extra layer of security.

Inbox Zero Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • View all newsletter and marketing subscriptions in one place.
  • Instead, unsubscribe with a single click or have emails archived automatically.
  • Check who emails you the most. See who is sending you the most marketing and newsletter emails and prioritize who you should unsubscribe from.
  • View analytic charts to see how frequently you receive emails from specific senders requesting action.
  • Understand what’s filling up your email and devise a strategy to deal with it.
  • Check who emails you the most and devise a strategy to handle this better.
  • If you’re always speaking with the same person, consider whether there’s a better way for you to communicate.
  • Whether you receive a large number of newsletters or cold emails, our AI will automatically archive and label them.
  • Automate your responses. Use rules to reply, forward, or archive emails.
  • Planning mode assists the AI helper in determining how to proceed with tasks.Once you’re confident in the AI’s ability to perform independently, you can enable complete automation.
  • Instruct in plain English. It’s as simple as speaking with an assistant or sending a prompt to ChatGPT.
  • Automatically archive or classify cold emails in your inbox.
  • It has gone through a rigorous security review with Google to ensure the security of your emails.
  • Target Audience: Heavy email users who value productivity, such as business leaders, sales teams, and support teams.

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