If-So is a WordPress plugin which allows you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, and more. Deliver dynamic content to the visitors based on their characteristics & site interactions.

If-So Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Get Personalize content on-site in minutes using any page builder—zero codings needed.
  • Track the dynamic versions of the content with built-in statistics.
  • Alternative to Pardot, ActiveDEMAND.
  • Best for  Digital marketing agencies & site owners looking to deliver dynamic content based on unique visitor characteristics.
  • Also, Display dynamic content to the site visitors based on “conditions.
  • Customize any content on the page.
  • Personalized, relevant experience.
  • Create dynamic content & calls to action in minutes—no coding required.
  • Create dynamic calls to action.
  • Segment your users into groups.
  • Segment users into groups & show these groups strategic content.
  • Serve content that’s in line with their stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Tailor your landing page content to the user’s search term.
  • Also, Serve dynamic content to the visitors who come to your site from Google Ads.
  • Allow users to select their content to offer more value to visitors.
  • Built-in statistics paint the picture of how many times each version was viewed and how many people converted.
  • Integrate Google Analytics.
  • Use built-in analytics to see how your content performs.
  • Device type
  • Logged in users
  • User IP
  • Start & end date
  • UTM parameters
  • Browser language
  • Google & Facebook Ads
  • Referrer source
  • Dynamic links
  • Scheduling
  • First-time & returning visitors
  • Pages visited
  • Page URL
  • Built-in analytics
  • Disable/enable triggers
  • Disable/enable dynamic versions
  • Recurrence
  • Set content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent.
  • Schedule content according to the time of day and day of the week.
  • Attract attention to the visitor’s language with messages.
  • Show specific content to the visitors arriving from a custom link.
  • Customize the content to the visitors referred from a chosen domain or webpage.
  • Load different content on tablets, desktops, or mobiles.
  • Show or hide the content if the visitor is logged in to your site.
  • ReplaceCTA +according to the number of visits a user visited in the site.
  • Also, Show different content to visitors from different time zones.
  • Customize the content to the visitors who have been visited on your website.
  • Set content changes based on UTM parameters.
  • Optimize content by split testing 2 to 4 content variations.
  • Show or hide content if the visitor is logged in to your site.
  • Show content based on the user’s role.

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