Hololink is a user-friendly design tool for creating, testing, and launching browser-based augmented reality experiences to increase user engagement. You may use this to create fully immersive AR environments with 3D models, video, photos, audio, and even animations.

Using the Sketchfab interface, you can either upload and use your own media files or choose from thousands of free media possibilities. Green screen video combined with chroma key can also be used to tastefully blend video and background.

Hololink Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The storyboard in this tool allows you to see how each scene is related from a bird-ey perspective.
  • You can alter the flow of a pre-made template by dragging and dropping scenes, or you can start from scratch.
  • The convenient preview button allows you to test scenes on your smartphone at any point during the design process to see how your AR experience will appear to your audience.
  • You may alter the look and functionality of text, navigation buttons, and icons using the dynamic editor, which allows you to create unique interfaces for each scenario.
  • You can even include interactive aspects in your AR work, such as sending viewers to external URLs when they click specific objects or allowing them to take screenshots.
  • Customize how people navigate through your experience, whether it’s changing scenes by clicking an icon or automatically progressing at the end of animation or movie.
  • In a realistic viewing environment, you may also see and feel how the event will look and feel.
  • Customers and supervisors can share prototypes straight from the interface, keeping everyone informed throughout the creative process.
  • The Growth Team plan enables you to publish experiences on specific URLs, allowing you to combine your AR content with your other web content.
  • You’ll also receive access to Academy, a video, article, and ebook library chock-full of AR best practices and design advice.
  • Use your own media or free materials like 3D models, films, and photos to create no-code AR experiences on the web.
  • Zappar, 8th Wall, and Unity are all alternatives.
  • On a drag-and-drop storyboard, create an interactive user journey.
  • Best for: Agencies, creatives, and marketers who want to use interactive AR experiences to engage audiences and students.
  • A drag-and-drop platform that is simple to use
  • Actions that are interactive
  • A large library of 3D models is available.
  • Bring your own 3D models into the game.
  • Analytics
  • Personalized, on-brand user interface
  • Make as many branded AR experiences as you like.

Hololink Appsumo Price

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