HOLLYFY assists you in locating influencers, organizing campaigns, and managing brand alliances for social media, product placement, and other purposes. Without launching comprehensive ad campaigns across several media, get your company mentioned by content creators.

You can find thousands of brand integration opportunities to spread the word about your business. You can look for content producers and advertisers in various categories to get the product placement you want, whether it be in a podcast or a video. From there, you may communicate with potential partners using the platform’s secure chat.

Hollyfy Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Your business or content production can have showcase pages where you can put your contact information, spending limit, and the kinds of partnerships you’re looking for.
  • Your page will therefore automatically match with potential partnerships regardless of whether you’re a content provider or have a product to market.
  • Prospective partners will have the ability to send offers and proposals and even receive money right from the showcase pages.
  • Payments can be made via a safe digital wallet after both parties have agreed on the project’s specifics
  • Payments won’t be released until everyone is happy with the finished product and both partners declare the project to be finished
  • You may handle many projects without effort by reviewing contracts and keeping track of payments from the dashboard
  • Additionally, you can receive email and text alerts regarding status changes, new offers, tasks, and account changes
  • You can manage all of your tasks, including deliverables and due dates
  • Maintain constant track of projects with the option to schedule meetings, submit files, carry out reviews, and pay expenses
  • A list of predefined activities that can be easily adjusted to meet your unique project objectives can be easily created
  • You’ll also be able to control the users and contributors you collaborate with on transactions, communications, and other projects.
  • Get unrestricted proposals and offer
  • Management of project
  • No limits on chat or search
  • See the proposals and offer
  • Management of projects and task
  • listing page, contacts, and search
  • Encrypted messaging is limitless
  • Powered by Stripe transaction
Hollyfy Regular Pricing
Hollyfy Regular Pricing
Hollyfy Appsumo Price
Hollyfy Appsumo Price

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