Haizlo.AI enables startups and SMBs to train, deploy and deploy machine learning algorithms instantly without coding. This tool will ask you which column to predict when you upload your spreadsheet. Make it constructs hundreds of algorithms, optimizes the best one for your task, and hosts it, so you can use it in real-time. This eCommerce review scoring model demonstrates how easily you can share, embed, or connect your model. It’s that easy, here’s an example of how to forecast directly from the web app.

It lets anyone train, deploy, and host state-of-the-art machine learning models with a single click. You can upload your data, tell Hazlo what you want to predict, and start using your model from anywhere. It works with data and builds models using a repository of cutting-edge packages, APIs, and languages: from R to Spark. You level the playing field by deploying your algorithms on the same platforms as Google and DataBricks – join the revolution now.

Hazlo.ai Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • There are over 13k models trained by Do it, and every hour, it computes nearly 2K forecasts.
  • One million rows of data can be uploaded.
  • Automated data augmentation and cleaning.
  • You can deploy an unlimited number of models.
  • GPU-aided learning algorithms with hyper-optimized algorithms.
  • Up to three private models with REST API connections.
  • A maximum of 40 inferences per minute.
  • Shareable links and HTML embeds.
  • Models that keep alive.
  • Upgrade to Teams plan by stacking 4 codes.
  • Data up to 10 million rows.
  • GPU-based hyper-optimized algorithms.
  • Inferences every second up to 100.
  • Model deployments are unlimited.
  • Embeds and shareable links in HTM.
  • Projects incognito are unlimited.
  • Connections to REST APIs for Models.
  • Keep-alive Models.
  • REST API Connections for Data.
  • You can watch a quick introduction to the platform here.

What are some ways Hazlo is used?
• Forecasting defaults on loans.
• Churn prediction.
• Sentiment Analysis & Review Scoring.
• Demand forecasting.
• +100s of other use cases.

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