Gust Lifetime Deal is a WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you build your site with Tailwind CSS. It supports all of the Tailwind essentials, such as JIT mode, removing unused styles, and customizing your Tailwind config file. To get started, you can either import HTML directly into the page builder, drag elements onto the page, or use one of our pre-made components and templates.

Gust Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Gust keeps track of the classes you’ve used on your pages and removes them automatically.
  • Your site will have teeny tiny production assets to keep it snappy.
  • Gust anticipates that developers will want to change things.
  • All output is filtered so that you can change it server-side and directly access WP Query.
  • It is simple to loop through posts or any other custom data source from the editor.
  • Additional Templates
  • Additional Components
  • Images that load slowly
  • WP Query integration is being improved.
  • Custom JS should be added to Tailwind’s configuration.
  • Custom CSS can be added to individual pages.

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