Guestboard is a modular event management platform that makes event planning and hosting easy. Organize memorable experiences and turn any event into an engaged community with a central hub.

GuestBoard Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Create your event instantly by choosing a splash image, entering the details, and selecting which event widgets work best.
  • Alternate to: Facebook Events
  • Send invitations by email, upload a CSV, or send a link to your network
  • Best for: Event planners and organizers who want to enhance the attendee experience with fewer steps and platforms
  • It is a simple and versatile event platform, so both event organizers and guests can take advantage of it.
  • You can immediately customize your event board using a set of modular tools.
  • Creating a Guestboard is easy as pie. Just select a background, enter your event details, and share your link in literally two minutes!
  • Create your schedule in seconds and add RSVPs for each item for accurate headcounts!
  • By default, Guestboard will load some popular widgets based on your event type.
  • If you would like to edit these widgets, you can always click the “+” button on the menu bar.
  • Best of all, you and your guests can stay connected wherever you are thanks to the dedicated iOS and Android apps.
  • Worried that people won’t use your app? No worries. Your most important notifications will always be sent in a beautiful email.
  • You won’t have to check five platforms (#tbt to your AOL email address) in order to figure out whether your cousin is in fact attending the reunion.
  • With this dedicated iOS and Android apps, you can update your event on the go!
  • It offers an alternative for organizing your virtual meetings in a world of Zoom happy hours and FaceTime dates, making it ideal for hybrid events.
  • Whether you’re hosting Q&As, teasers, or other value-add interactions, Guestboard’s Video Chat feature lets you host video meetings before, during, or after your event!
  • You can use your own invitation links from Zoom, Google Meet, and more, or jump right in with Guestboard’s own integrated video solution.
  • Easily schedule and host video conferences within your your dashboard, thanks to built-in invitations and reminders.
  • Want to track RSVPs and centralize communications? Guestboard’s got your back.
  • Using the Message Board widget, you can keep all event-related conversations organized like a mini-Reddit for your event community.
  • Attendees can use this space to ask questions or even post content that’s collectively valuable to other guests, turning your guest list into your biggest engagement asset.
  • It is also a useful resource for your attendees, letting them view the event agenda, access important resources on demand, and expand their network.
  • You can also use “Guest Groups” in order to create private threads and schedule items that are only shown to certain people, such as internal staff, VIPs, and vendors.
  • Track RSVPs and assign guests to custom groups—perfect for making private message board posts and scheduling items!
  • If you’re hosting smaller group events or you’re looking for a different format than the forum style of the Message Board, you can opt for the handy Chat widget.
  • Just like Slack, Guestboard’s Chat is a linear messenger that lets you update all your attendees at once.
  • Say goodbye to responding to individual emails and texts asking the same question over and over. (“No, white tie does not mean just wear a white tie.”)
  • It Slack-like chat keeps communication organized and all of your guests in the loop.
  • You can stack upto 3 codes.
  • Custom branding.
  • Create custom splash invitations.
  • Invite via link, email, or upload CSV.
  • Track RSVPs.
  • Send event reminders.
  • Export guest list.
  • Share important resources.
  • Make announcements.
  • Assign admin roles & guest tags.
  • Embeddable invitation button.
  • 250 credits (guests) per month
  • Unlimited events
  • Widgets:
  • Additional details
  • Message board
  • Chat
  • Schedule/timeline
  • Video chat
  • Photo wall
  • Group checklist
  • Accommodations
  • Sponsors

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