Gruup resolves these issues by enabling you to deliver files of any sort and size and track how your audience interacts with them. In addition, the platform enables you to add branding and design to create more than a simple file share. This tool enables you to transfer any type or size of file, track how your users interact with them, and create custom layouts.

Gruup insights notify you when your content is being seen. The analytics reveal which documents are being reviewed, for how long, and to whom they are being sent DocSend, PandaDocs, Moxo, Onehub, Transfernow, and Dropvault are alternatives.

Gruup Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Effortless UI and UX, user-friendly platform, and high stability; file sharing and engagement tool.
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Small- to Medium-sized Businesses, and Agencies that wish to extend their business or clientele by securely sharing and managing custom-designed files.
  • File sharing with this  tool is straightforward. You can upload documents, photographs, and videos to your account and share them with the click of a button or two. Send any type of huge file to anybody you wish
  • Any File Type – PDFs, Word Documents, Videos, Images, etc. It enables the sharing of many files from a single place
  • Live Sharing – Need to modify a file? No issue. Using live sharing, you may update your files in real time without resending them
  • Email Large Files – You may send files up to 2GB in size
  • You can share web material such as web pages, social media postings, and web documents such as Google Sheets
  • It is compatible with Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You can instantly access and share your files.
  • It simplifies the process of file sharing
  • Real-time Alerts – The real-time alerts notify you immediately when and by whom your files are viewed
  • Forwarding Insights – Knowing with whom your contacts exchange your files is essential and can help you comprehend the scope of your task
  • Document Analytics – Document analytics will inform you of which papers are viewed. It also provides the duration
  • Engagement Score (Coming Soon) – It rates the depth and duration of each of your documents. This helps you determine whether your job is… effective
  • Gain access to customised template collection. Here, you may select from a variety of pre-made templates to jumpstart your creativity
  • Custom Typefaces – Select from more than one hundred fonts in the Google Font library
  • Image Library – Explore image library and select from tens of thousands of royalty-free images
  • Advanced Layout – Arrange your files in an entirely new manner. Add images (from the library or your own device), spacers, and supplementary text to further wow your audience
  • Always Looks Great – All pages adjust to the device being used to view them, ensuring that your work is always shown in the best possible manner.

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