is the easiest and freshest solution for remote access. Whether you are a system administrator, a support specialist, or just a regular user, you can quickly connect to another desktop with can help you with all of these tasks.

  • To gain web access with a common URL, download the agent and run it on the desktop you want to access and click on the link generated by the agent.
  • With a user-friendly personal account, you get a one-click connection to desktops.
  • You can let your clients forget their connection passwords. Just send an invitation, and it will start automatically once your client accepts it.
  • can be integrated into your infrastructure using ready-made APIs and proprietary plugins.
  • You can connect to desktops from anywhere with a user-friendly personal account.
  • Send an invitation & the connection will be started — forget about passwords.
  • Build your own HTTP APIs or use third-party plugins to integrate into your infrastructure.
  • System administrators, support specialists, and others using remote access will find this useful.
  • Commercial use.
  • All desktops can be controlled by one control center.
  • All features of remote access are available.
  • 10 desktops.
  • Connection via the permalink.
  • Reports on connections and history.
  • Delegation of Access.
  • History of connections and reports.
  • This deal is not stackable.

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