Geoscraper is an effective tool for extracting useful information from businesses by crawling Google Maps listings, Shopify stores, and Trustpilot evaluations. Get potential leads’ email addresses, social media accounts, and website URLs, and then export the data in a variety of formats such as CSV and Excel.

Scrape Shopify businesses and Trustpilot evaluations to find out what customers buy, how much they’re prepared to spend, and what they love (or dislike) about popular products. Identify popular products, price your offerings competitively, and learn which aspects appeal to your target demographic.

Geoscraper Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Personalize your marketing strategies and capitalize on current trends.
  • Extract statistics on vehicle and bike journey times in your chosen area. Determine the percentage of persons who drive, cycle, walk, or take public transportation.
  • Determine the best routes to take to your destinations, whether you’re visiting customers, dropping off supplies, or making repairs on-site
  • Adjust your service trips to reflect the various places and consumers you serve in your target market
  • Monitor brand references in comments and reviews on Google Maps to gain insight into your clients’ perceptions.
  • The automated reports let you find areas for development and respond immediately to negative feedback
  • Accessing your competitors’ prior scraping practices will provide you with insights into what they are scraping. The API allows you to integrate scraped data into your CRM or marketing automation software.
  • Use tailored content and adverts to address your target audience’s local interests. This relevant technique captures attention and produces the intended effects.
Geoscraper saasmantra price
Geoscraper saasmantra price
Geoscraper regular pricing
Geoscraper regular pricing

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