FormulaDesk is a bundle of three formuladesk add-ins for excel i.e FormulaDesk Math, FormulaSpy, and FormulaDesk Navigator. It also has new features Excel including auditing and understanding formulas, formatting, multirow, managing styles, and vertical sheet tabs. Do more with Excel and make it work.

FormulaDesk Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • See all your sheets at once, in a multi-line display
  • Drag the pane to display as many or as few rows of sheet tabs as you want.
  • Display the sheet tabs along the bottom or top of the Excel window.
  • Vertical sheet tabs perfect during presentations.
  • Filter and sort sheet tabs.
  • Define custom tags to filter the displayed sheets.
  • Export filtered view.
  • Edit multiple sheets at once setting their color, visibility, and custom tags.
  • Quickly switch between sheets.
  • Create named bookmarks of any cell or range of cells.
  • See how the referenced cells are displayed.
  • Document your formulas by adding live equations to your worksheet.
  • Copy or save equations to paste elsewhere into Word MS Excel, or other MS Office applications.
  • Plot formulas instantly.
  • Instantly convert Greek letter names into actual Greek symbols.
  • Convert ‘_’ and ‘^’ into subscripts and superscripts.
  • Create and update Word documents from Excel.
  • Visualize & troubleshoot Excel formulas instantly.
  • Pinpoint all the formula errors.
  • See where the style is used exactly in Excel.
  • Find issues in a tree view for easy navigation.
  • Remove blank rows & columns.
  • Remove unused custom styles.
  • It can be accessed on the desktop.

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