Flowmattic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automate repetitive business operations and transfer data between apps. With this tool, you can connect to hundreds of apps, like Slack, Google Sheets, Fluent Forms, Mailchimp, Stripe, and others.


FlowMattic makes it simple to automate processes so you can focus on more important things, whether you’re a developer, agency owner, or site owner. It is the most straightforward approach to integrate your business processes, workflows, and apps.

FlowMattic Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • If you utilize WordPress and want to save time and money through automation, the tool is for you.
  • It allows you to set up automated data transfers between any apps in a matter of minutes.
  • Search through a growing library of hundreds of apps and link the ones you use the most.
  • Then, using their own app builder or webhooks, you may design your own integration for your specific business requirements.
  • Even if an integration isn’t currently in place, simply request it and the team will gladly make it happen.
  • It operates within WordPress, so you don’t have to keep track of daily job completions or squandered dollars. Truly limitless!
  • The comprehensive modules ensure that users can handle everything from API integrations and email processing to webpage content extraction. Whether you want to schedule articles, automate email campaigns, or format dates and phrases, our flexible modules have you covered
  • No-Code Experience: Forget about the difficulties of coding. The easy architecture of FlowMattic allows you to automate complex procedures without writing a single line of code. It’s an excellent choice for both technically experienced users and those who want a more plain approach
  • It can be a lifesaver for individuals who are already utilizing automation solutions like
  • Zapier but are hampered by task limits or prices. Users can use this tool to limit task consumption, ensuring that they get the most out of both platforms without breaking the bank
  • No more switching between tools and platforms in the dashboard. Users can utilize this tool to set up, monitor, and refine their workflows directly from their WordPress dashboard.
  • This centralized approach not only improves usability but also decreases the learning curve dramatically.
  • It promotes the notion of ‘unlimited’ freedom. There are no restrictions on jobs or workflows. As a result, businesses may increase their automation methods without worrying about outgrowing the technology or paying additional costs.
  • It offers tools for creating bespoke apps for individuals who want a more personalized touch. This functionality ensures that specific business requirements that do not fit into typical workflow molds are effectively addressed
  • Integrations with Your Favorite Apps: The ability to easily integrate tools is critical in today’s interconnected digital ecosystem.
  • It recognizes this need and responds with a remarkable 150+ integrations. Whether you’re using Slack to coordinate teams, Airtable to manage databases, Google Sheets to track spreadsheets, WooCommerce to handle e-commerce operations, Todoist to organize tasks, or Vbout and other SaaS tools, this tool ensures a seamless connection.
  • It enables users to establish holistic, integrated workflows, streamlining processes and ensuring that no tool stays an isolated island by bridging the gap between your favorite apps
  • WordPress + Your Data: We love WordPress and are invested in its ecosystem, just like you. As a result, it only makes sense to have a sophisticated automation plugin that fits your requirements. One key reason to select WordPress and the tool is to retain and govern your data your way.
  • Owners of Advertising Agencies / Service Providers: When agencies and their clients automate repetitive processes, enhance worker bandwidth, and reduce costs, they succeed. Every day, appears to be a well-oiled machine
  • FlowMattc is a blessing in disguise for WordPress users. Connect form builders, email automation, cart and checkout builders, and other tools to OpenAI and Google Sheets
  • Use PHP Arrays, Email Parsers, Routers, Iterators, and many other utilities
  • You can automate all of your existing workflows without breaking the bank
  • When you have few resources, you can’t afford to waste money. You can’t count tasks or zaps, so with any plan, you get infinite task executions and never have to worry about subscription expenses again.
Flowmattic regular pricing
Flowmattic regular pricing
Flowmattic rockethub price
Flowmattic rockethub price

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