With Flow, you can make beautiful animations, and even create ad content and promotion videos, using Flow’s powerful motion design tools. Using Figma, Sketch, or anywhere else, you can create beautiful animations.

Flow Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • An alternative to Adobe After Effects
  • Export optimized media files including animated GIFs, PNGs, movies, SVGs, and even production-ready code for websites and apps
  • Those who want advanced motion graphics without learning complicated motion graphics tools
  • You get to make beautiful animations quickly and easily without losing a single detail.
  • A modern approach to motion graphics, drawing on the best qualities of popular design tools, it brings your designs to life.
  • You get beautiful animations without losing any details.
  • With this tool taking a modern and elegant approach to motion graphics, you can create your designs in no time by utilizing the best qualities of popular modern design tools.
  • Colorful and intuitive timeline editing tools help you become an expert animator in no time.
  • Its powerful curve editor gives you everything you need to get your animations to just the right speed.
  • You can choose from more than 30 default easing curves that cover a wide range of motion styles, including linear, ease-in, and bounces.
  • Using custom curves gives you greater control over your project.
  • The custom easing tool lets you control the speed and speed of your animation
  • The process of generating media exports is quick and straightforward, so it’s ideal for giving them to your devs without any issues
  • Animated PNGs are a snap to export. For an overlay, you can export them as an animated PNG and drop them into your video or project.
  • Upload your optimized MOV and MP4 files to your favorite social media app or portfolio site.
  • Videos, GIFs, and animated PNGs can be exported
  • You can convert all your animation code for a variety of formats, including web, iOS, and Lottie
  • A breakthrough approach to native browser animations, combines CSS, Javascript, and SVG web animation code
  • The tool for iOS blends UIKit and Core Animation written in modern Swift for clean, compatible animations
  • Get a code sneak peek from the code preview window on any designs you’re working with
  • Your designs will come to life in the iOS, Web, and SVG file formats
  • You know the power of great motion design if you’ve ever been mesmerized by a website that uses mesmerizing animation.
  • You’ll get it all with Flow for stunning signature animations
  • You can sync Sketch files with Figma in seconds and animate them.
  • Use our timeline to fine-tune your creative vision.
  • You can export your animations to Lottie, Swift, Web Animations, and more.
  • Get to work with our tutorials, docs, and screencasts

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