Using Filmstro Pro, you get instant access to an extensive library and simple editing tools to create custom soundtracks. Use thousands of high-quality, royalty-free music tracks in your film projects.

Filmstro Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Alternative to: Artlist
  • Keyframe each track under your project’s narrative to give it a more personal touch.
  • Filmmakers who want to incorporate their music into their project soundtracks
  • You’ll have the perfect soundtrack for your superhero movie
  • This tool offers over 60 albums of professionally composed soundtracks crafted by their global network of talented, professional composers
  • You can explore thousands of pieces of music, from cinematic trailers to quirky art film underscores.
  • The perfect music for every situation is at your fingertips. Use it worldwide and forever
  • The sliders are so easy to use. It is as simple as playing a track, moving the sliders, and watching your emotional range expand
  • A soundtrack uniquely designed for your project can be created by controlling three simple parameters
  • Filmstro lets you visualize changes in music by changing keyframes.
  • It  is a standalone app for Mac and Windows that lets you make a custom soundtrack!
  • You can bring adaptive audio technology directly to your preferred NLE software to manage everything in one place
  • Use the Adobe Premiere Pro CC plugin and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X plugin to ensure even tighter integration of your workflow
  • Add a track from the Filmstro library to your favorite NLE, and edit and integrate the clip directly.
  • With plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X, it has all the features you need in your preferred NLE
  • You can change the levels of momentum, depth, and power of each track in the Filmstro app, evoking the perfect emotions for your project
  • Make a simple scene more captivating by adding depth to the soundtrack by adjusting the momentum slider
  • The depth slider adds more body and thickness to the sound, enhancing what is happening on screen
  • Use the power slider to dial in more instruments and increase the intensity of the music to match climactic scenes.
  • By adjusting each track’s momentum, depth, and power, you can make your soundtrack unique to your project.
  • Add, move, or remove keyframes to set the amount of momentum, depth, and power you want for your video.
  • You can visualize the changes to the soundtrack as you edit using the keyframe editor
  • The soundtrack to your final project has a huge impact, not just in terms of audio but also on how viewers react to it.
  • This tool enables you to easily customize your soundtrack to match the pacing and emotion of your project, just like you already do with your video footage edits.
  • Copyright-cleared music


  • Unlimited use, worldwide, and in perpetuity


  • Premiere Pro and FCP X plugins


  • Monetized YouTube


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