Enerpize is the all-in-one, cloud-based solution for managing your finances, accounting, sales, inventory, client relationships, employees, operations, and more!

Enerpize Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • Manage all your business needs from one cloud-based solution.
  • QuickBooks is a good alternative tool
  • Accelerate your workflow with six fully integrated modules: sales, accounting, CRM, operations, HR, and inventory.
  • Optimizing business management for sales teams, team leads, and operations managers
  • Manage all aspects of your business from one place, an application designed for entrepreneurs and small and midsize businesses.
  • The platform consists of six main modules: sales, accounting, client relations, inventory, HR, and operations, with submodules in each
  • It’s like those Russian nesting dolls you’d find in your grandmother’s living room, but they’re for your business’s productivity
  • It also lets you create your own customized templates for customer emails, invoices, and estimates.
  • With the app manager, you can enable or disable modules and sub-modules according to your business needs
  • As an online operations management software, this tool lets you track work orders, assign tasks to your team, and schedule appointments and actions
  • You can use the Booking Management feature to convert your bookings and appointments to invoices with a single click
  • To make things even simpler, it also lets you showcase your products and services on your business website.
  • You can choose your industry from industry filters to find a niche-tailored solution for your business
  • This tool  makes it easy for you to handle all your accounting needs, even if you aren’t a math wiz
  • All your sales, bills, invoices, estimates, payments, customers, sales reports, insurance, and contracts can be handled in the same place
  • In less than two minutes, you will be able to load pre-loaded data into any invoice you create and prepare a brand-new invoice
  • It also helps you track your earnings with Profit-and-Loss reports
  • Your business’ goal is bigger than breaking even, so you can control all your operating expenses and calculate profitability.
  • Easily create invoices from templates and send them directly to clients
  • With HR management, you can manage human resources, employee databases, contracts, attendance, payroll, and even shifts
  • You can easily identify your team’s MVP with a sales dashboard, which lets you easily monitor Salesforce performance
  • It can also help you make better data-driven decisions using advanced reports, such as profit and loss statements, income statements, and tax reports.
  • Its Reports feature lets you track what you earn and spend
  • The  CRM system makes it easy to keep track of your client’s timeline, including all actions taken by your staff
  • You can also add expenses in any currency and from any device to your account, or email receipts to your account using the Accounting Module.
  • Make your recurring expenditures easier to manage with a monthly, weekly, or daily accounting schedule
  • As an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot of plates spinning
  • Manage all your business needs from one place so you can concentrate on what you do best: grow your business.

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