StackMails is a simple email outreach tool for automating cold email outreach.
The lifetime deal comes with unlimited lists, campaigns, and subscribers.
Automate your campaign based on the recipient’s actions like open, click and reply.

  • Create & automate personalized email follow-ups and drip campaigns
  • Uploads leads & prospects from your website or store w/ MySQL integration
  • Monitor performance w/ analytics & tracking for delivery, open, click, and reply rates
  • Send personalized emails to up to 2,000 recipients at a time using custom mail merge fields
  • Easily set up trigger-based email follow-ups & drip campaigns
  • Integrate multiple Gmail accounts and Email aliases
  • Easily monitor your analytics for links, bounce rates & more
  • Our system sends emails through your Gmail account, including G Suite and aliases automatically, and lets you send one by one manually.
  • It allows sending drip campaigns to your prospects.
  • Once the user will log in to your website you can send automated emails informing them about the offers and increase the open rate.
  • Personalize every single detail about your mails so that there will be a more open rate.
  • Set UNLIMITED follow-up emails with multiple trigger settings like – “Not replied”, “Not opened” and “Clicked on the link”.

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