With eesel AI, you may develop a “company oracle” for your team that can precisely respond to inquiries regarding corporate policies. You may use this tool to link your papers with ChatGPT and create an oracle that can respond to inquiries about your business.

The chatbot can even be integrated with Slack so that anyone can ask inquiries by just tagging the bot.  This implies that you can quickly develop an AI-powered chatbot that is familiar with all of your processes, from internal onboarding to customer service.

Eesel AI Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • The Chrome addon makes it simple to train the chatbot on the internal documentation of your business
  • The bot can retrieve data directly from Confluence, Notion, and Google Docs, among other tools and applications used by your business.
  • Simply visit the page in your browser, select the Chrome extension, and your chatbot will quickly absorb the data.
  • The knowledge dashboard will allow you to view all the information you’ve gathered, giving you a better understanding of the knowledge your bot is using to respond to queries.
  • To enrich your chatbot’s expertise with information that is readily available to the public, you may also scrape data from your website, Intercom, or Zendesk.
  • You don’t have to worry about manually entering information because this scraper works even on JavaScript websites, which frequently cause comparable tools to malfunction.
  • Additionally, you may check the quality of the information provided by your bot and read more directly from the chat because it will always reference its sources.
  • To free up your employees to work on other business-related tasks, integrate your chatbot to your website to respond to customer support questions.
  • Your chatbot can be shared as a floating widget, website embed, or direct link, putting it truly in the hands of your clients.
  • Additionally, you can alter the appearance of your chat window to coordinate with company branding and offer a seamless user experience.
eesel appsumo price
eesel appsumo price
eesel regular pricing
eesel regular pricing

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