Dynosend will assist you in automating your marketing and CRM procedures so that you can focus on more crucial tasks, such as completing transactions and producing money. This tool grants you access to your customers regardless of their location or time. Using intelligent marketing automation and CRM, you can cultivate and expand relationships, build trust, and drive sales.

You can manage your clients and build up marketing and email automation to increase your sales. encharge.io is an alternative to ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, customer.io, Convertkit, Klaviyo, vbout, and encharge.io. Intuitive UI and UX, user-friendly platform, and high stability; comprehensive user lifecycle tool. Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Small- to Medium-sized Businesses, and Agencies that wish to grow their business or clientele utilising marketing/email automation and manage the data in a CRM.

Dynosend Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • Contacts added: Trigger a campaign when a contact is added to your target audience.
  • Joined a segment: Launch a campaign for contacts who join a certain segment during their stay with you.
  • Perform an event: Trigger a campaign for consumers who have taken a particular activity within your product.
  • Birthday message: Trigger a campaign based on a birthday date field for your contacts.
  • Contact field value: Trigger a campaign when the given value matches a contact’s field (e.g., plan name).
  • You can schedule your campaign to run on a certain day, time, and timezone.
  • Contact gets tagged: Trigger your campaign when a certain tag is assigned to a contact.
  • Blacklisting of a contact: Trigger a campaign when a contact is blacklisted for any reason.
  • Contact has reported spam: When a contact complains one of your emails as spam, activate a campaign.
  • Contact has subscribed: Activate a campaign when a contact chooses to receive your emails.
  • Contact has unsubscribed: When a contact unsubscribes from an audience, activate a campaign.
  • Message based on the date a contact was added: Launch an annual campaign on the day the contact was added.
  • Run your campaigns on particular monthly days and hours for all current and new contacts.
  • Weekly recurring: Schedule your campaigns to run on particular weekly days and hours for all of your existing and new contacts.
  • Design responsive emails: Design, code, import, and manage responsive email templates for all of your email marketing needs
  • Track all emails and links: Track email openings and link clicks for all your campaigns, and record your contact’s location based on opens and clicks for segmentation and more
  • Receive campaign intelligence and reports: Track all campaign metrics in a single, user-friendly dashboard that displays openings, clicks, bounces, most engaged contacts, and locations
  • Add a personal touch to your communications (email, SMS, Slack, and webhooks) and tailor your subscription pages (thank you, double opt-in, etc.) to create a better user experience.
  • Popular features include a drag-and-drop builder, a rich text and code editor, a template library, unlimited storage, open and click tracking, and open and click location. Localization on a map, Link & campaign ranking
  • Convert site visits to leads: Create an HTML form for your audience to collect email addresses and other information directly from your website. Add custom fields, such as checklists and other data fields, to a form or sign-up page to convert visitors to leads (e.g., handing demo requests)
  • Manage contacts in numerous audiences: Construct several audiences (email lists) to manage diverse data sources and create segments, campaigns, and messages for each audience with ease
  • See specific client profile: Individually visualise data for each customer to view their data fields, events, tags, and segments in one location.
  • Segment your contacts: Narrow down your audience and select only the ideal customers who satisfy specific criteria.

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