Dubverse allows users to create lifelike multilingual video dubs and subtitles in 90+ languages in minutes using artificial intelligence. Increase audience engagement by a factor of three in your new markets with relative simplicity by localizing your video content into more than 30 languages.

Even for high-volume video productions, it is no longer necessary to invest a fortune. Save hours and thousands of dollars with minute-long AI video dubbing. You cannot use the same voiceover in all of your videos (unless you’re Oprah Winfrey or Morgan Freeman, whose voices we never weary of hearing).

Dubverse Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • You can choose from more than 150 speakers and delivery tones to bring your video to life with just a few keystrokes.
  • Engage your audience with conversational dubs featuring multiple speakers in a single video.
  • Using the Neo dub feature, you can duplicate your audio so that you sound the same regardless of the language your videos are dubbed into
  • You can connect with your audience using localized videos with custom pronunciations
  • It’s time to introduce consistency to the online video content of your brand
  • Forget spending countless hours transcribing your videos to make them accessible and engaging
  • Increase your YouTube viewership with subtitles generated by artificial intelligence
  • Sync your YouTube Channel to have your videos automatically translated and subtitled with a single click
  • You can also upload your videos to Vimeo channels.
  • Collaborate with your team and client on the dubbing of your videos, evaluate them, and publish them immediately
  • Become a language-inclusive brand and earn the trust of audiences in new markets.
  • 30 or more languages and 150 or more speaker
  • Super-localization incorporating multiple pronunciations
  • Replacement for: Papercup, Dubdu
  • Best for Professionals in Sales and Marketing, Trainers, Dubbing and Translation Agencies, and Course Creators.
dubverse saasmantra price
dubverse saasmantra price

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